Masks are aesthetic-only items that are worn on the face of a voodoo keeper. Masks are unlocked several ways. Purchasing with Medals found while playing, Defeating bosses, and Voodoo Codes.

List of MasksEdit

Mask Appearance Description How to unlock
Voodoo Mask
Voodoo mask

The mask of voodoo keepers and apprentices.

First, standard mask
Voodoo Mask 2
Voodoo Mask 2

Some voodoo keepers prefer this one.

First, standard mask
Creepy Mask
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A mask that will scare your friends. First, standard mask
Apprentice Priest Mask
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A mask crafted for priest apprentices. First, standard mask
Tribal Mask
Tribal Mask

The favorite mask used by voodoo warriors.

Cost: 2 medal
Initiation Mask
Initiation Mask

The mask used when a voodoo keeper is initiated.

Cost: 2 medals
Priest Mask
Priest Mask

Voodoo priests prefer this mysterious mask.

Cost: 5 medals
Dark Mask
Dark Mask
A powerful mask made with the flesh of minions of the dark. Cost: 5 medals
Groovy Mask
Groovy Mask
The voodoo keepers like to have some fun sometimes! Cost: 5 medals
Smiling Mask
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For when you want everyone to know how happy with voodoo you are. Cost: 10 medals
Warrior Mask
Warrior mask
A mask that is commonly used by voodoo keepers from the south. Cost: 20 medals
Stealth Mask
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You can hide in the brush and no one will notice you. cost: 20 medals
Uru Mask
Uru mask
A mask obtained from Uru. Defeat Uru.
Moku Mask
Moku Mask

A Voodoo mask used to scare spirits from haunted shrines.

Defeat Damballah
Parrot Mask
Parrot mask
Looks like a parrot... right? Voodoo Code: 290 885
Champion Mask
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A rare mask used by the most powerful voodoo summoners. Fallen Champion Event (Random)
Wicked Mask
Wicked Mask

This is a famous with a long and interessting story.

Voodoo Code: 420 420
Mandingo Mask
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A mask made with the head of Mandingo. Defeat Mandingo
Wormling Mask
Ss (2014-05-31 at 08.41.31)
A mask made with the head of Wormling. Defeat Wormling
Luchador Mask
Luchador Mask

The mask that returns Juan to life.

Voodoo Code: 378 873
Pyro Mask
Pyro Mask

The best mask to protect against napalm.

Voodoo Code: 101 007
Pumpkin Mask
Ss (2014-05-31 at 08.42.12)
Celebrate the night of the dead spirits with this mask! Complete "The Night of the Dead Spirits"
Creeper Mask
Ss (2014-05-31 at 08.43.08)
This mask creeps me out. Voodoo Code: 139 145
Mimiga Mask
Ss (2014-05-31 at 08.43.22)
A mysterious mask. Can't tell if it's a dog or a rabbit. Voodoo Code: 201 204
Super Mask
Ss (2014-05-31 at 08.43.34)
I think it's made of meat. Voodoo Code: 135 120