As of Alpha 5, there are 65 items in the game you can find. There are 3 categories of items: Usable Items, Relics and Wands. All items found previously can be viewed in The Library in-game.

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Incomplete mojos library, page 1, Alpha 5

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List of ItemsEdit


Relic Appearance Description Library Location
Samedi's Cane Samedis cane

Increase ypur spell power and add a touch of sophisticating to your image

pg1, r1, c3
Heart of Valor Heart of valor

Do double damage when you have less than 25% health

pg1, r1, c4
Brigitte's Throat Brigittes throat

Open a black hole in your enemies

pg1, r1, c5
Boots of Speed Boots of speed

These boots lets run you faster

pg1, r1, c7
Brigitte's Idol Brigittes idol

A powerful trinket that increases all your stats

pg1, r1, c8
Damballah's Amulet Damballahs amulet Every amulet crafted by Damballah has powerful properties. pg1, r2, c2
Purple Damballah's Amulet Purple damballahs amulet Every amulet crafted by Damballah has powerful properties pg1, r2, c3
Green Damballah's Amulet Every amulet crafted by Damballah has powerful properties pg1, r2, c4
Hellscreamer  Hellscreamer Enemies will explode when killed pg1, r2, c8
Ghede's Protection Ghedes protection Chance to shoot homing missiles pg1, r3, c3
The Coin of Greed The coin of greed Get extra gold drops pg1, r3, c5
Amulet of the Damned  Amulet of the damned You shoot faster pg1, r3, c6
Voodoo Bloodsucker Voodoo bloodsucker Increase your chance to do critical damage. Heal on every critical hit pg1, r3, c7
Erzulie's Tear Erzulies tear Increase the effectiveness of any source of healing you pg1, r3, c8
The Head of the King The head of the king Heal every time you kill an enemy pg1, r4, c1
Bleeding Heart Bleeding heart Increase your critical chance, but decrease the effectiveness of any source of healing you pg1, r4, c4
Lucky Charm  Lucky charm Incrase your critical chance and damage pg1, r4, c5
Chicken Claw Chicken claw Increased damage pg1, r4, c8
Rubber Chicken Rubber chicken This rare rubber chicken has been enchanted with powerful properties pg2, r1, c1
Heart of Ezrulie Heart of erzulie This powerful item will allow you to ressurect once pg2, r1, c4
Eye of Syrneth Eye of syrneth Reveal the whole map pg2, r2, c7
Ring of Concentration Ring of concentration You do more damage when standing still pg2, r3, c3
Thorns Hat Thorns hat This silly looking hat will deflect all incoming damage. (Nice trick uh?) pg2, r3, c4
Edu Edu His power comes from his hair pg2, r3, c5

Usable Items:Edit

Usable Items Appearance Description Library Location
Improvement Potion Improvement potion

Shoot two projectiles for a brief moment of time.

pg1, r1, c1
Voodoo Bag Voodoo bag

Expands your inventory size.

pg1, r1, c2
Curaga Potion Curage potion

Replenish your health.

pg1, r1, c5
Boost Potion Boost potion

Run faster for 10 seconds.

pg1, r2, c1
Twin Shots Twin shots

Shoots an additional projectile from your back.

pg1, r2, c5
Hunting Mines Hunting mines Drops a set of mines on the floor. pg1, r2, c6
Samedi's Blood Razor Samedis blood razor Executes every enemy below 80% of his HP. Bosses are excluded. pg1, r2, c7
Life Mushroom Life mushroom Mushrooms are healthy and everybody knows that you get an extra life if you eat one. pg1, r3, c1
Queen's Sting Queens sting Increase your critical chance by 100% for a few seconds. pg1, r3, c2
Gold Fever Gold fever Lose health in exchange for a few gold coins. pg1, r3, c4
The Eye of the New Order The eye of the new order Increase all your stats. pg1, r4, c2
Santa Barbara Drink Santa barbara drink No one can damage you for 10 seconds. pg1, r4, c3
Masochist Whip Masochist whip Sacrifice 20% of your total HP to hurt nearby enemies. pg1, r4, c6
Arcane Wisdom Arcane wisdom Increase the amount of relics you can carry. pg2, r1, c3
Scroll Scroll A scroll that sometimes has important writings. pg2, r1, c5
Lucha Libre Ticket Lucha libre ticket This mysterious ticket reads: 378873. pg2, r1, c6
Mechanical Device Mechanical device This mysterious device serial number reads: 101007. pg2, r1, c7
Clash of Ogoun Clash of ogoun This odd relic contains the rage of Ogoun and creates a pulse that damage all nearby enemies. pg2, r1, c8
Pirate Necklace Pirate necklace Create a shockwave that fears nearby enemies. pg2, r2, c1
Maítresse Hounon'gon's Chant Maitresse hounongons chant This Canzo's melody will burn nearby enemies. pg2, r2, c2
Poison Bottle Poison bottle Drink this to create an area that will poison nearby enemies. pg2, r2, c3
Broken Magnets Broken magnets This magnets create a singularity that pushes nearby enemies. pg2, r2, c4
Swamp Mud Swamp mud This pernicious mud slows all nearby enemies. pg2, r2, c5
Homing Missiles Homing missiles Spawn 3 powerful energy balls that will chase nearby enemies. pg2, r2, c6
The Dice of Destiny The dice of destiny You can gain extra max health... or lose it! pg2, r2, c8
Skull of the Tram Skull of the tram An enchanted skull that casts a powerful ray to its owner. pg2, r3, c1


Wands Appearance Description Library Location
Arcane Wand Arcane wand Shoots guided energy balls pg2, r3, c6
Wand of Fire Wand of fire Projectiles apply fire damage over time pg2, r3, c7
Elemental Wand Elemental wand Shoot projectiles that damages everything on its path pg2, r3, c8
Wand of Mambo Wand of mambo Shoot several projectiles at the same time pg2, r4, c1
Wand of Flames Wand of flames Shoots flames that makey your enemies crispy pg2, r4, c2
Chicken Nugget Wand Chicken nugget wand Who knew sticking a chicken to a stick could be this powerful? pg2, r4, c3
Zankar's Wand Zankars wand Powerful projectiles that bounce and explode on impact pg2, r4, c4
Wand of Damballah Wand of damballah Shoots projectiles that pass through enemies and slows them down pg2, r4, c5
Electric Wand Electric wand Shoots an awesome ray pg2, r4, c6
Oruam Wand Oraum wand Shoots an electric ray that passes through everything! Wow! pg2, r4, c7
(placeholder) 85pix ... pg2, r4, c8
Samedi's bad aim Wand Samedis bad aim wand He tried something... Didn't go well pg3, r1, c1