Wiki need hp!

Full pagesEdit

  • Achievements page (steam achievements)
  • Levels (such as Cemetery, etc)
  • Monsters (enemies list, bosses, stats if we can get them)
  • Shrines (shrine types, rewards)
  • Quests (current quests, these can have sepearate pages within, etc. Probably can discuss Masochist mode here or make new page for that.)
  • Vendors (just basic description, maybe images to entrance, price ranges, etc)

Sub pagesEdit

  • Items page
    • Consumable items and wands tables with images, images may be uploaded already by item name (similar to relics)
  • Loa pages (short few sentences on summary of the Loa. see samedi or agaou for reference)
    • Loko
    • Ghede
    • Erzulie
    • Ogoun
    • Lenglensou
    • Maman Brigitte
  • Tactics for using all loas
  • Pins stats
  • Voodoo codes if any missing
  • Missing masks
  • Missing items


  • An admin to change the skin and possibly edit overall appearance