Baron samedi

Baron Samedi is the main character of Full Mojo Rampage. Players begin the game with Samedi unlocked. With a dodging ability, spell blast, and summon, his skill set makes him one of the easiest and most basic Parent Loas to use. A good starting point for all voodoo dudes.


The loa of death and lord of resurrection.  Baron Samedi is a real badass.  He is a powerful wizard who is experienced in matters of love.



Samedi's Joy (Passive):

Increase your rampage by killing enemies.  Fill your bar completely to make Baron Samedi come to help.


Evade in the direction you are moving.

Voodoo Bomb:

Shoot a bomb in the direction of your cursor.


  • When fighting the very fast bomb-headed enemies (needs name and enemy page) at too close of a distance to not be damage if it explodes, using a voodoo bomb can push them back enough to kill them at a safe distance. Dodging away from the bomb-headed enemies in order to gain distance is also viable.